Wyoming Prenuptial Agreement Sample

[¶1] What is controversial in this appeal is whether or not the trial court abused its discretion in dividing the matrimonial property of the parties without regard to a marriage contract. The plaintiff, Peter J. Barton (husband), also alleges that the trial court improperly divided real estate that he claims is the property of a partnership between him and Appellee, Sandra L. Barton (wife), as matrimonial property and that the overall division of assets is unfair. Since we do not find any abuse of the District Court`s discretion and ample evidence of its findings, we uphold the District Court`s decision in all respects. There are many good reasons to want a marriage contract. They avoid fighting at the end of the marriage and show that marriage is more than just about money. Our clients include those who have already experienced a failed marriage, who have important assets, who marry young, who marry on a whim or who choose younger partners or from abroad. In each of these cases, it is advisable to protect yourself.

Signature requirements (LUND v. LUND, 849 P.2d 731 (1993)) – Both spouses must sign. However, it is recommended to sign a marriage contract in the presence of a notary. [¶8] Murphy v. Stevens, 645 pp. 2d 82, 85 (Wyo. 1982). Moreover, in Leavell v. Linn, 884 p.2d 1364 (Wyo.

1994), we noted that the best evidence of the intention to create a partnership agreement is a written partnership agreement. In addition, we have recognized that the mere facts that the parties to a “contract” refer to themselves as “partners” and that partnership tax returns have been filed are not determinative of the existence of a partnership, but are only factors that can be considered in such a determination. If you or your spouse are renting an apartment or house, you can specify how the lease should be changed in the event of a divorce. An example of a typical marriage contract can be found here. Here you will find lawyers in Wyoming who can draft a marriage contract for you. The first requirement that the agreement be in writing is for obvious reasons. Marriage contracts are very sensitive documents that are often signed in emotionally charged situations. Therefore, any challenge to a prenup that may arise later on the road requires a very careful examination of the agreement. As a result, marriage contracts are obliged to recall in writing.

Removing assets from your marital estate before marriage offers more protection than a prenutial agreement. With a prenup, the assets are always in your name and an overzealous judge can invalidate the prenup partially or completely. However, the advantages of a prenup tend to outweigh the disadvantages. If you or your spouse took on a significant debt before marriage, a prenutial agreement can protect each of you from liability for those debts. There are unfortunately few natural sequences in a conversation about prenups. .

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