Which Of The Following Model Allows Vendor To Provide Security As Part Of Service Level Agreement

2) Which of the following components provides resources or services such as virtual infrastructure, virtual machines, virtual memory and many other hardware assets? 17) Which of the following options will be the host operating system for Windows Server? 4) Which of the following options can be considered an example for the front-end? OpenID is displayed at a service that gives access to the desired resource. Explanation: The management of a community cloud can be managed by the organization or constituent organizations or by a third party. Explanation: The multi-maintaining architecture offers us virtual isolation between several customers. As a result, the organization can easily use and modify its application because it runs its instances each time. Explanation: Service models describe the type of service offered by the service provider. 1) What type of computer technology relates to services and applications that are typically run through virtualized resources on a distributed network? Explanation: In the planning phase, we do analyze the strategic problems that clients may face. In general, there are two steps to perform the analysis: Cloud Computing Planning and Cloud Computing Value Proposition. 3) Among the following benefits, which is related to creating resources stored in a system that supports use by multiple customers? Explanation: The cloud computing industry continues to cause security problems. Explanation: The Cloud Cube model is mainly used for safe cooperation. 7) Which of the following points is in AWS the AWS management console? Explanation: In most cases, PaaS solution providers are the developers who provide a complete solution to the customer. Explanation: Cloud computing uses Technology, services and applications similar to those of the Internet and transforms them into a self-service utility.

8) Which of the following concepts relates to Cloud? Explanation: Sometimes it can be the executable code on the customer side. However, it is not the end user`s responsibility to retain this code and maintain its interaction with the services. 7) Which of the following models is considered a kind of cloud computing model that brings together the three different service models? 9) Which of the following features relates to Distributed Computing, in which multiple sets of computers are distributed across multiple geographic sites and interconnected to achieve a common goal? 4) Which of the following models refers to non-functional requirements such as recovery, security, reliability, etc. 2) By which of the following models SaaS supports multiple users and offers a common data model? 4) Which of the following paaS types, which includes on-demand scale and application security? Explanation: Utility computing is based on the usage model of what you have to pay. 5) Which of the following options offers the proprietary dimension of the Cloud Cube model? Explanation: All the options mentioned in the above questions are the possibilities of whether the operation is inside or outside the security limits, we can also call it a network wall. 9) Among the following options is Amazon`s Cloud Platform? 7) The model was not necessary to use virtualization for resource pooling. Explanation: The most well-known service models are Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service?the SPI. Explanation: The environment designed solely for the provision of applications includes functions such as security of use and scale of needs. 5.

Include the misrepresentation. a) Each type of cloud service delivery model creates a security limit b) Any security mechanism below the security limit must be integrated into the system c) Any security mechanism above the security limit must be maintained by the customer d) Response 6 mentioned above includes the choice of a cloud provider based on the service level agreement (SLA) that defines the level of service received by Supplier.

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