Vault Agreement Definition

6.1 Unless otherwise agreed, a vault can only be used for a maximum of one (transactional) project (use of a project as soon as one or more invited users are invited). Therefore, it is not allowed to reuse or recycle a safe for a project or other object. To do this, Virtual Vaults can monitor/verify vaults, but is not required to do so. In all cases where Virtual Vaults suspects that this clause is violated, Virtual Vaults has the right to deny access to a Vault. Virtual Vaults may take these steps without further announcement. If an additional safe is required, the customer must conclude a new contract. 6.2 During the term of the agreement, the vault owner and vault administrators may close one or more vaults on the platform or request the virtual vaults to close those vaults. During the term of the agreement, the vault administrator may reopen (or reopen) a closed vault taking into account the provisions of Article 14. .

6.3 During the agreement, the Vault Virtual Vaults administrator may order that the content be archived in accordance with virtual Vaults` current archiving procedure (“Closing Medium”) against the agreed (archiving) fee. The Vault administrator may send an archive request to virtual vaults up to fourteen (14) days after a vault is closed. The archiving request must be made via the platform. 6.4 The storage capacity of a safe is based on the principle of fair dealing. The principle of fair dealing serves to avoid excessive use of the safe. The principle of fair dealing does not allow for excessive or other abuse. Excessive usage means memory usage, which is significantly higher than the average of a similar vault type. If Virtual Vaults suspects excessive use or suspects abuse, Virtual Vaults will contact the customer.

The parties will then consult to see if the use can be reduced and/or if the safe is used according to the principle of fair use. If Virtual Vaults believes that use cannot be restricted and/or that the vault is not being used in accordance with the principle of fair use, Virtual Vaults reserves the right to collect a surcharge and/or suspend the service, to temporarily or permanently deny access to one or more Vaults or to terminate the contract. 14.1 At the end of the agreement, without the need to announce further, the service and access (users and users) of the customer to the platform and service end with immediate effect. 14.2 If one or more vaults have been closed during the term of the contract, they can no longer be reopened under the contract from the date of termination of the contract. In this case, the vault administrator may reopen a vault and the contents therein only if the customer has entered into a new contract with Virtual Vaults for that purpose before removing the contents of the systems from the virtual vaults, in accordance with the following paragraph of this article. . . .

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