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This section only applies to business deposit accounts. For errors or questions about your credit accounts, refer to your corresponding credit contracts. We are not responsible for errors or problems due to the malfunction or failure of the Internet or your systems, nor for informing you of upgrades, corrections or improvements to your systems or providing technical or other support to your systems. We do not approve any software, hardware or Internet service provider, and your use of software, hardware or service may also be subject to the license or other agreements of that provider, in addition to the terms of this agreement. Transfers can be “instantly” (the day transfer instructions are issued) or “programmed” (at a later date) only once or a recurring date. By making an immediate transfer or planning a transfer, you ask us to withdraw money from your account on a desired date and transfer those funds to another of your external accounts or accounts, as instructed. Recurring transfers are those made each month for the same dollar amount on the same day. Recurring transfers must not be scheduled more than 365 days in advance, unless the first planned transfer is due within 365 days of the originally scheduled date. Transfers can be made from a deposit of funds, a money market, savings or a credit account. By providing the Bank with transfer information, you allow us to follow the instructions we receive from you and to rely on the accuracy of all the information you provide us. It is your responsibility to update transfer information in the event of a change.

All transfers are subject to the terms of an applicable account agreement, including all applicable deposit or credit accounts and troubleshooting provisions in these agreements. Transfers to external accounts may also be subject to all the general conditions of the financial institution with which external accounts are held. Phone: Opens your phone app.1-800-308-6859 Opens your phone app. or 416-861-3313Free your phone app. at Toronto Fax: 1-800-308-6861 or 416-980-3754 in Toronto Email: opens your email app. Postal Address: CIBC Ombudsman P.O. Box 342 Commerce Court Toronto ON M5L 1G2 This agreement remains in effect until you or the bank terminates it. We may terminate or suspend this agreement at any time, without notice, for any reason. You agree that we may at any time, at our sole discretion, restrict, suspend, suspend, suspend, suspend, suspend or modify NetBanking services. You will be informed of the changes if we are required by law to do so. The termination of this agreement does not terminate your account relationship or any other agreement you have with us, unless these contracts are terminated separately. You can terminate this contract at any time by following the procedure described below.

2. Other agreements: This contract complements all other existing and future written agreements you have with us, as well as any conditions or disclaimers that will be provided on our website. For example, there are a large number of additional conditions and disclaimers in other agreements that govern your use of accounts and services. If there is a conflict between a clause in this agreement and another written agreement with us, the duration of the other agreement applies to the extent necessary to resolve the conflict.

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