Ca Promise Agreement

Please include your name, SJSU ID and Major in a message to The California Promise is a program launched by the California Senate Bill 412 to facilitate the graduation of students in four years and two years for transfer students. This completed form must be submitted by the student and reviewed by the California Promise Advisor. In Sacramento State, the California Promise is delivered through the “Finish in Four” program for first-year students and the “Through in Two” program for transfer students. These programs offer incentives and support to students who commit to taking a minimum number of units per year in order to graduate in 4 years and 2 years. Participating campuses can also set other important requirements (see below). Interested students should contact Heather Domonoske (, a university of California counselor. . Make an appointment with your advisor to prepare an education plan and sign the commitment until the booked date.

You can make an appointment online or by phone at the front office at 831-582-3937. . . For more information, see the campus registration service or the links below on the two- and four-year instruction programs. Choose a campus for more accurate information about the four-year deposit program: students who do not meet the above requirements are not allowed to participate in the deposit program. students allowed to participate in the California Celebrity Program, include Frosh or transfers that began in the fall of 2017 or later, are established in California to receive courses in the states, their interest in the California Celebrities program indicated on their Cal State application, have an association of degressions (ADT – for transfer students) and are part of 1 or more specific population groups listed in California Bill Senate 412. Students must sign the pledge form for the California Celebrity Program for their first semester at the SJSU. Many campuses have also implemented programs for students who are taking an associate degree for transfer (ADT) from each California Community College and plan to graduate in two years from a CSU campus. Only admitted, first-year students are eligible for the commitment.

The Bachelor of Arts English Curriculum for New Transfer Students begins a series of transatlantic literature courses designed to introduce majors to the literary history of the United Kingdom and America. In addition, students take courses and seminars in the main classes and have the opportunity to take advanced courses in creative writing, composition and rhetoric, technical and professional communication, linguistics and English teaching. The Senior Project Course for the English majors allows them to design and create their own Capstone experience, working one for one with a teacher in this field. The California Promise is a guarantee of the California State University system that a new student can obtain a degree associate degree diploma for student transfer in less than two years if a new student accepts and meets certain campus requirements. Note: Once you have been removed from the program, you will be emailed all legitimate residents in California (for study purposes) frosh and transfer students are invited to join California celebrities by a task on the “To Do List” on MySJSU. Contact us at (831) 582-3937 or email us at You must have a four- or two-year program for MyPlanner before the end of your first term at the SJSU to be eligible for the California Celebrity Program.

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