Jason Thane Jeffers was born in Loveland, Colorado in 1965 and moved to Los Angeles shortly thereafter. A strong genetic component guided his early artistic endeavors – his father Larry Jeffers is also an artist and former gallery owner.

After high school and a brief acting career, he attended art school at UCLA. However, there was a growing unease with the large size of the university. The next year, he traded 400 student classroom sizes for an entire school of the same number at St. John’s College. He spent two intense years in Annapolis, Maryland reading “The Great Books” – everything from Plato to Einstein – and finished his education with two final years at the Santa Fe, New Mexico campus.

Following university, he was accepted to Cal Arts art school two years in a row. Unfortunately, the cost of tuition was too high. The exigencies of life being what they are, he had to get a real  ‘j-o-b’. During school he had worked as a graphic artist. The graphics world was the best way to stay connected to art and still make a living. He has been the owner of Fat Fingers/ORDNUNG graphics since 1989, and is currently a custom WordPress website developer.

Twenty years ago, he moved to the east of The Netherlands. Notwithstanding the weather, it’s a good place to live he says. “Here, art and culture are very much a part of life.”

Art is very personal to Mr. Jeffers. His art is often self-portraiture, akin to a personal diary. Mr. Jeffers tends to be highly detail-oriented, and this search for perfection is all-consuming. The final piece is not just a part of him but rather a reflection of him – creator and created are equivalent.

The use of widely varying materials adds dynamism to his work. It is this aspect of incorporating different materials and techniques that keeps him interested in a piece.

His most recent work focuses on aspects of the nature of physical reality (relativistic time and space) and has taken on a more philosophical nature. The future trend will be larger and more dynamic sculptures (mobiles and kinetic sculpture) to express these ideas.

High School

  • 1980 – 1983
  • Grover Cleveland High School Magnet School – Graduated in the Liberal Arts program with honors


  • 1983 – 1984
  • University California Los Angeles – Art School


  • 1984 – 1989
  • St. John’s College – Annapolis, Maryland / Santa Fe, New Mexico Graduated with distinction for senior thesis
    Majors: Philosophy, Mathematics
    Minors: French, Ancient Greek, Music and Physics