Always Do Your Best Four Agreements

If someone gives you an opinion and says, “Hey, you look so big,” don`t take it personally, because the truth is that that person is related to his own feelings, beliefs and opinions. This person tried to send you poison, and if you take it personally, take this poison and it will be your. Today I will do my best not to take things in person, to remember that it is about them, not me. If you do your best, you will learn to accept yourself. But you have to be aware and learn from your mistakes. Learning from your mistakes means practicing, watching the results honestly and continuing to practice. It makes you aware. The Four Accords are a summary of the mastery of transformation, one of toltec`s championships. The dream of the planet turns into your personal dream from heaven. If you keep doing your best, you always become a master of transformation. The knowledge is there; it`s only waiting for you to use it, but the first three chords only work if you do your best. Today, I will do my best not to assume that I know what others think or feel. In fact, your best can change from one moment to the next.

And it doesn`t matter. Your best doesn`t mean trying more than you can currently (the old “Give 110 percent”). More than doing your best, exhaust your personal energy. But less than doing your best leaves you with guilt and regret. Let me use an example from the book: “You walk around the mall, and you see someone you like. This person addresses you and smiles, then leaves. You can make a lot of assumptions just because of this one experience. With this hypothesis, you can create a whole imagination. A whole dream starts to come from your assumptions, and you can believe, “Oh, this person really loves me.” In your head, it starts a whole relationship. You may even be getting married in this imaginary land. But the imagination is in your head, in your personal dream” He ended up stopping to breathe. “The fourth is to always do your best,” he said.

“It`s no wonder you don`t remember it. What a wonderful article indeed! I myself have been under intense pressure this year (created by myself). Had upset a plan to self-publish my Irish regent trilogy by major spinal operations last September, and was determined to publish it anyway. (The third book, originally scheduled for June, will be published in September.) Although there are turquages, I would have changed (doesn`t it always exist?) I`m happy with these three books, and you`ve given me the reason. I really did my best, even though sometimes he felt like swimming upstream with a double-toned weight on his back! Thank you for clarifying my thoughts. Instead of reproducing, I can rejoice in the rest! Dave took out his smartphone and looked at the fourth chord and started laughing. What a great contribution, Kathryn. Thank you for sharing your story. I can`t imagine how horrible it must have been. Glad you`re on the other side.

I`ve already tweeted and FBed. I have perfectionist tendencies and it blocks my creativity. Believing that it should be done “well” is a stifling first time. It also means rereading it again before I send my first e-released book in July 2013 to the trainers for printing. Did I find anything to “fix”? Of course, but it would have been nice without.

Jason Thane Jeffers

Jason Thane Jeffers

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