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“The [diplomatic consultation] has been requested and we are awaiting the US response. It is something that is done according to diplomatic practice, through its own channels. I am very certain that this approval will be granted by the U.S. government and that Eduardo Bolsonaro will be a great ambassador,” Arajo said at a meeting of brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in Rio de Janeiro. Countries can call the ambassador to speak or send a formal diplomatic note, he says. There are no rules that define how to proceed. Once in his post, an ambassador meets with the Minister of Foreign Affairs (or equivalent) to obtain a hearing with the Head of State. [4] The Ambassador carries with him two copies of his certifications: one sealed and the other unsealed. The unsealed copy will be given to the Minister upon arrival and the original (sealed) will be given personally to the Head of State in a solemn ceremony. [5]:550 Ambassadors do not begin their duties until certifications are accepted, and their priority among diplomatic corpses is determined by the date the certifications were submitted. [6] However, ambassadors are entitled to diplomatic immunity as soon as they enter the country to which they are assigned.

[7]:32[8]:261 The Brazilian government was informed on Thursday (8) that the United States has approved the appointment of Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) as ambassador to Washington. They believe Eduardo`s first year as ambassador will be marked by Trump`s re-election campaign – and will therefore focus on the electoral interests of Americans, who are not necessarily priorities for Brazil. A letter from the Kredement (French debt letter) is a formal diplomatic letter that appoints a diplomat as ambassador of another sovereign state. These letters, commonly known as diplomatic references, are addressed by one head of state to another and invite him to make credible everything the ambassador says on behalf of his country (in French: debt). The letter will be delivered personally by the Ambassador of the Head of State at a solemn ceremony marking the beginning of the diplomat`s ambassadorial period. Last week, the US president welcomed Eduardo`s appointment as ambassador to Washington and said he did not consider the nepotism movement, as Bolsonaro`s opponents claim. I know his son, I think his son is fantastic, a great young man. I am very happy that he has been appointed, I hope he is nominated. I know his son, and that`s probably why he was appointed. He`s fantastic, I`m very happy,” Trump said at a news conference in the White House garden. John Everad, a former British ambassador to North Korea, says there is no “resolute way of telling diplomats” who remains and leaves.

Bolsonaro says he wants to appoint his son Eduardo as Brazil`s ambassador to the United States. Eduardo says he is willing to resign to be Ambassador Everador, the former British ambassador to North Korea (who has never been expelled), kommparas the expulsion to the news that the employee will be transferred to a headquarters in another country of the company where he works.

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